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Stainless Steel Anchors Prevent Parking Lot Damage and Hazards

When temporary large tents and re-locatable structures are needed for special events held on parking lots, many problems arise. Damage to the parking lot from tent tie down anchor stakes driven through the asphalt (or concrete) is a major concern for all owners. Exposed tent stakes create insurance hazards from personal injury.

Anchor Model AN2004
4" length, ideal for small tents
Bi-directional force

The anchors are 100% stainless steel with a work load limit of 1,000 lbs to 40,000 lbs.

Anchor Series AN Demonstrating Cover
Solid cover, bolts and recessed
Bi-directional force

Anchor Model PL0010
No cover necessary, turn threaded rod up for anchoring point and down when not in use
Photo of Large Tent

Sladek tie down anchors will solve these problems. In asphalt/cement parking lots, grids are laid out to accommodate the tent size needed. When not in use, the anchors are competely recessed with no obstructions and allow snow plowing, sweeping and traffic over the top, with or without cover.

Circular Anchor
Directional force with reduced footprint

Circular Anchor With Cover
One bolt cover

Side view, cutaway of anchor in ground in cement
Anchor embedded in concrete
24" length

We will custom build anchors to your specifications - Call for quotes

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